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While all our customers have individual requirements we find that you will have these in common:

  • A desire to minimise the impact their cleaning and hygiene has on the environment, their staff and their clients.
  • You will understand the concept of cost in use and that the cheapest product out of the box isn’t always the least expensive in use.
  • You are receptive to new ideas and approaches in cleaning technology and expect your supplier to keep you informed of these developments.
  • You will have a preference for a trusted and experienced supplier for all your cleaning and hygiene needs.

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Environmentally Friendly

Tickled Green offer a range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products - full range of Symmetry Sanitisers & Soap products. For a free trial of Symmetry products and dispensers on your premises call now on 0800 021 7911.