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Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies with our philosophy of trial before you buy has found its ideal partner with Buckeye International. Fax, phone or e-mail us to arrange a demonstration or trial of Buckeye products to see how Buckeye and Tickled Green can solve your cleaning/maintenance problems with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.


Buckeye typifies the Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies philosophy of not paying a premium for products that are environmentally friendly. Neither is there a trade off in terms of loss of performance in pursuit of environmental goals.


Buckeye is the innovative leader in the maintenance and cleaning products industry. With patented products and technologies, it’s easy to see why. Buckeye’s quality products prove to customers that safety and improved product performance can coincide.


Buckeye offers an extensive branded line of cleaning and maintenance products. Each product is designed with quality, innovation, and integrity in mind.


Buckeye’s proportioning system are easy-to-use, and cost-efficient. By removing from the cleaning operative the decision as to how much chemical to use the Buckeye dosing system dispenses products safely and economically into mop buckets, cleaning buckets or trigger sprays. They are designed for use with Buckeye chemical products.


The phone call costs nothing – not making it could

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Environmentally Friendly

Tickled Green offer a range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products - full range of Symmetry Sanitisers & Soap products. For a free trial of Symmetry products and dispensers on your premises call now on 0800 021 7911.