Microfibre Cloths


Microfibre cloths work due to the capillary action of microscopic pores of microfibers. This enables microfibre cloths and mops to absorb considerable amounts of water very quickly.



Microfibre cloths can clean without need of any chemicals as they can clean with just water. This is environmentally friendly and very cost effective. Microfibre is also very durable – outlasting most mops and cloths made of natural fibres. Cloths can be laundered up to 400 times using just water and a standard detergent.



Any cleaning task requiriring a smear free finish and complete removal of dust and dirt from surfaces is ideally suited to microfibre technology. Microfibre construction ensures that dirt is released into the cloth or mop rather than just being moved from one place to another.The same principle applies to dirt being released during laundry.



Microfibre cloths and mops can be used in many applications. Microfibre construction means very little moisture is left behind leaving a smear free finish.


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