Paper Products

If you’re going to throw tissue in the bin or down the toilet you want to be sure you throw away no more than is necessary.


The Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies approach to hand drying and toilet tissue involves two elements- the dispenser and the paper. Connect Hygiene dispensers and tissues provide an environmentally aware solution to your washroom tissue requirements meeting our criteria of reducing waste and costs and minimizing your impact on the environment.

  • 100% recycled tissue options.
  • Systems control consumption.
  • All of our tissue is responsibly sourced.
  • Dispensers designed to minimise wastage.
  • High capacity dispensers mean less frequest deliveries needed.

Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies’ philosophy of removing the risk of switching products extends to Connect dispensers. We will provide the opportunity for you to benefit from a free on-site no obligation trial of our product before you make a commitment to buy.


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Environmentally Friendly

Tickled Green offer a range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products - full range of Symmetry Sanitisers & Soap products. For a free trial of Symmetry products and dispensers on your premises call now on 0800 021 7911.