Symmetry Soap and Symmetry Sanitisers


Symmetry Soap and Symmetry Sanitisers


Symmetry Hand Hygiene


A hand hygiene program is complete only when you have all of the necessary components. The Symmetry™ Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of hand hygiene products, awareness and education tools, and training for your specific needs. Symmetry’s line of innovative soaps, hand sanitizers, lotions, body washes, and dispensers are ideal for any market including healthcare, retail, schools and government, food service, manufacturing, automotive, and more.


Hand washing is the single, most important procedure to stop the spread of germs. Hand washing keeps you from transferring germs to other areas of your body, other people, and the environment. Wash your hands with Symmetry soap and eliminate germs. Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies will be only too pleased to provide a without charge no obligation trial of Symmetry soap on your premises before you commit to buy.


Symmetry Dispensers
Symmetry dispensers have several features facilitating ease of use and reducing time spent replenishing soap. Their design allows for different types of Symmetry soaps and sanitisers to be fitted to the same dispenser. Dispensers allow for 99.9% evacuation of the bag contents and will not drip.


Symmetry Soaps – Green Seal™ Certified
Symmetry offers environmentally preferable hand hygiene products that are Green Seal certified. Green Seal™ is an independent non-profit organization that promotes the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services. Symmetry Soap bags when empty fold to the size of a tennis ball reducing waste disposal costs.



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Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products - full range of Symmetry Sanitisers & Soap products. For a free trial of Symmetry products and dispensers on your premises call now on 0800 021 7911.