Washroom Services

Here at Tickled Green Hygiene Supplies we have two philosophies and one commitment to our customers. This consists of trying to find ways to help reduce the cost of your cleaning, both on your pocket and the environment, without compromising effectiveness. Our default position is for us to supply cleaning and hygiene products that are environmentally friendly due to how they’re made and how they are dispensed.


Our dispensers are designed in a way that controls the amount dispensed, and focuses on COST IN USE. We have dispensers you can have on loan completely free of charge that will ensure no wastage of our paper, chemical or soap products. If you want to know if you qualify for free dispensers call our sales office on the number above and we’ll arrange a free no obligation survey.


Economy Hygiene
If for whatever reason we can’t make savings as described above maybe Economy Hygiene can help. We source our chemicals, paper and janitorial products from smaller manufacturers who, without expensive overheads such as brand advertising and expensive sales teams, manufacture superb products at realistic prices (click to our Economy Hygiene page).


Our surveys are free and without obligation and perhaps our most valuable asset to you is our 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry.


Manufacturers and Products
Buckeye International | Symmetry Soaps and Sanitisers | Connect Hygiene | Ramon Hygiene Products
Green Certified cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals | One unique dispenser accepts nearly whole range of soaps | Stylish and economical paper dispensers | Microfibre cloths and mopping systems


The phone call costs nothing – not making it could

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Environmentally Friendly

Tickled Green offer a range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

Symmetry Products

Symmetry Products - full range of Symmetry Sanitisers & Soap products. For a free trial of Symmetry products and dispensers on your premises call now on 0800 021 7911.